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In The Eden Diet, Dr. Rita M. Hancock teaches you how to lose weight by attuning to, and harnessing the power of your hunger pangs -- by using them as a compass to tell you when and how much to eat. On this plan, you get to eat any food you enjoy, even cheeseburgers, pizza, desserts, and junk food -- but in smaller portions than the world would have you believe is normal, and only when you're actually hungry.

Through the book, Dr. Hancock exposes food industry and advertising and marketing tactics that lead you to eat when your body doesn't need food. She teaches you how to reject those misleading messages and rely on the only information you can trust -- the hunger signals that God programmed into you in the beginning.

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The Eden Diet book and workbook help you to identify and beat your emotional eating triggers, mindless eating habits, and sinful urges that lead you to eat for taste when you're not actually hungry. They also show you how to eat properly at social events and parties and at ala carte and buffet restaurants. The Godly Affirmations For Weight Loss audio relaxation CDs complement the other study material by helping you to de-stress and bring your emotions in line with God's Word.


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The Eden Diet is a Christian Diet / Christian Weight Loss Plan by Dr. Rita Hancock MD.

*The Eden Diet is NOT affiliated with or in any way endorsed by Eden Foods Inc